Triptich: Crucifixion

Number: 009 Period: 18th century
Name: Triptich: Crucifixion Size: 37 x 55 cm (open)
Origin: Russia Price: on request

The central part of the tryptich depicts the Crucifixion with five bystanders. The moon and the sun are placed in the uppercorners. Left and right, in the upper zone, are four hermits with long beards, which iconographically stress their holy deeds. Lower stand the Warrior Saints: John and Demetrius; below are grouped the Saints Charalampus, Zosimus, Blasius, Euphemia ans Sabbatius.

On the top of the left wing of the tryptich is a procassion of Saints Bishops and lower, up to the bottom, three miniature images: The Deesis, the “Unsleepy Eye”(Nedremannoe Oko), and Our Lady Pecherskaya.

On the right wing a procession of the Holy Woman corresponds to the procession of the Saints Bishops; below are three miniature images, namely: Christ “of the Passion”(Stas Strastnoi), the Deeds of the Guardian Angel and the Miracle of Chanae.

All six miniature images on the wings of the triptich are of an especially fine work; their colouring is delicate and touched with gold.

This Triptich was in the collection of Dr.Eugene de Savitsch, physician and surgeon, art collector and author, of Washington,D.C. He obtained his collection of early Russian art between 1930 and 1950. The tryptich is described in the catalogue Russian Ecclesiastical Art, a Desciptive Catalogue of the Savitsch Collection, 1951

Frontside of triptich when closed


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