Icon: Two Feasts

Number: 070 Period: 17th century
Name: Icon: Two Feasts Size: 26 x 22 cm
Origin: Russia Price: sold

Two feasts are presented on this icon: the Baptism of Christ and the Entry in Jerusalem.

(Left) Baptism: The slender figure of Christ is very decently portrayed standing in the river Jordan between two mountains. John the Baptist, on the left bank, is touching Christ’s head with his hand. To the right, three angels are in a serving pose. Over Christ’s head a dove, symbol of the Holy Spirit, is coming from heaven. The Holy Spirit has three beams descending from heaven, indicating the divine Trinity. At His baptism, Christ is designated as God’s Son by a voice from heaven. The baptism in the river Jordan is celebrated on 6 January, The Festival of Epiphany.

(Right) Entry in Jerusalem: Christ is shown, according to the Gospel account, riding a donkey accompanied by his disciples. A crowd of citizens stand outside the gates of the city to greet Him.

This icon is an early 17th century icon which has been set into a 19th century panel. The practice of extending the life of an old icon by resetting it into a later panel was a common method to preserve an icon whose outer border had deteriorated. This was done for icons with great spiritual value. These icons were much treasured by families and had been passed down through numerous generations. Sometimes they were donated to a church or chapel by a distinguished patron.


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