Icon: Extended Deesis

Number: 217 Period: 19th century
Name: Icon: Extended Deesis Size: 35,5 x 30,5 cm
Origin: Russia (Palekh) Price: sold

Deesis is a Greek word for prayer. It denotes a composition where Christ is in the center and John the Baptist and the Mother of God are to His right and left. They bow towards Him in supplicationĀ and act as mediators for humanity.

On this icon, the Deesis is extended and there are ten more figures surrounding Christ. They are the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, Saints Peter and Paul, Nicholas and Matthew, Saints Zosima and Savattiy, Paraskeva and George.

In a circle extending into the border is God the Father and in a circle below Him is the Holy Spirit in the form of dove. Together with Christ, they form the Divine Trinity.

This icon has a characteristic Palekh pallet and style.


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