Icon: Mandylion

Number: 049 Period: eind 19th century
Name: Icon: Mandylion Size: 30,8 x 25,6 cm
Origin: Russia Price:

Mandylion comes from the Arabic word for cloth: Mandil. The true likeness of Christ is depicted on a cloth. The depiction is based on an old legend of King Abgar of Edessa. The king, who was severely ill, sent an envoy to Christ. Christ gave the envoy a cloth with an impression of His face on it. When the king touched the cloth, he was healed immediately. This cloth was taken from Edessa to Constantinople in 944. When the crusaders conquered Constantinople in 1204, the cloth disappeared without a trace.

Greek letters in the golden halo: O ΩN (‘the Being’ or ‘He who is’) are based on ‘I am that I am’ from Exodus 3;13-14; Greek letters on the top: IC XC = Jesus Christ.

The icon is painted in oil on gesso on panel. The silver halo is covered by a golden lacquer.


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