Icon: Christophorus and Sophia

Number: 093 Period: 18th century
Name: Icon: Christophorus and Sophia Size: 30,5 x 25
Origin: Russia Price: sold

Christophorus is one of the most interesting saints from the legends of the Eastern church. He is also revered in the West and is well known. In the East, he is always depicted with a dog’s head. He belongs to the people of the Cynocephaly a people with human form but with a dog’s head. In ancient and early Christian times it was believed that the Cynocephaly, together with the Satyrs, the Centaurs and the Sirens, lived in a kind of world located between the people and animalworld.  Christophorus is told that his fervent pleas were heard and he received the gift of human language. The feast day of Chrysophorus is 9 May.


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