Icon: Christ ‘Yaro Oko’

Number: A062 Period: 19th century
Name: Icon: Christ ‘Yaro Oko’ Size: 39,5 x 33cm
Origin: Russia Price: sold

In Russia this icon is called Christ ‘Yaro Oko’, the fiery eye. The icon is in bust portrait style. Christ faces the viewer directly. His expression is serious and reassuring. His hair rests in curls on his right shoulder.

Greek letters in the halo: O ΩN (‘the Being’ or ‘He who is’) are based on ‘I am that I am’ from Exodus 3:13-14; Greek letters on the top border: IC XC = Jesus Christ.
The warm flesh tints are applied over an olive green background in soft modelling
and without any strong touches of white highlights. The halo and the lettering are gold; the garments are enriched with chrysography.


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