New Testament Trinity

Number: 055 Period: 1800
Name: New Testament Trinity Size: 44,2 x 37 cm
Origin: Russia Price:


To the right is the God Sabaoth (the insciptie is in the halo). His right hand is on the cosmos on which a cross with a lance and a cane is planted; his left hand points in the direction of his Son, who sits on his right. Between Father and Son the Spirit is in the form of a dove (Doech svjatyj = Holy Spirit. Father and Son sit on a throne above the clouds, which is carried by cherubim. The group is encased in a large circle with gold irradiated from the Holy Spirit, which lies on a four-pointed star, circle and star symbolize heaven and earth, united in the mystery of the Trinity, and in the corners are the symbols of the four evangelists. – the Mother of God and John the Forerunner are in imploring positions, like in a Deesis group, with the archangels and angels at the top, the archangels holding a discus and a staff.


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