Icon: Vyrudropuzhskaya Mother of God

Number: 045 Period: 1800
Name: Icon: Vyrudropuzhskaya Mother of God Size: 44 x 36 cm
Origin: Russia Price: sold

The Vyudropushkaya is a rare variant of the well known Smolenskaya. Since the 15th century the icon has survived fire, theft and storm. She continued to perform miracles even during World War II. Travellers from St Petersburg to Moscow used to stop in the village of Vydropuzk  , in the region of Tver to pay respect to the icon. To this day she is still  honoured by many.

The upper corners of the icon display the standard abbreviated Greek title MP OY (Meter Theou) for the Mother of God, who bears a star upon each shoulder and on her head, signifying her perpetual virginity before, during and after the birth of Christ.

The distinctive cross-halo is inscribed with the Greek words HO ON, meaning ‘Who Is’, as found in Revelation 1:8.

The title insciption is at the bottom border.

The Guardian Angel and Paraskevi are at the side borders.

The feast of the icon is July 28 and August 10.


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