Icon: Volokolomskaya Mother of God

Number: 134 Period: 17th century
Name: Icon: Volokolomskaya Mother of God Size: 31 x 25,8 cm
Origin: Russia Price: € 7.500

The type of icon is one of loving-kindness (Oumileinye), the emphasis is on the emotional bonding between Mother and Child. The Child embraces his Mother with his left cheek pressed to her face. Characteristically his left foot is exposed.

This icon is a special Vladimirskaya and is called Volokolomskaya. The Volokolomskaya is celebrated on March 3. According to legend, on that day in 1572 the Mother of God appeared in Moscow and was brought to the Joseph Volokolamsk Monastery, where she performed many miracles.

The Volokolomskaya is characterised by the elaborate decorations on the head and halo, which resemble a crown and extend into the border.

The icon is painted in earth colors, on the border the gesso is visible. The icon has a double kovcheg. There are traces of a lost revetment (oklad)


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