Icon: Resurrection of Christ

Number: 069 Period: 17th century
Name: Icon: Resurrection of Christ Size: 31 x 26 cm
Origin: Russia Price: sold

This is an icon of the Resurrection and Descent into Hades (Gr.: Anastasis; Russ.: Voskresenie Christovo). In this complex rendering, both the Western and traditional Eastern depictions of Easter are displayed.

In the center: Christ stands triumphantly on an empty tomb, while Roman soldiers sleep nearby.

On the bottom center: Christ stands above the broken gates of Hades as he grabs the hand of Adam while Eve kneels at his feet.

In the background: Righteous men and women from the Old Testament wind upwards towards the Gates of Heaven. They are being freed from their captivity, stepping out of the Mouth of Hell.

On the top right: The Gates of Heaven are guarded by a six-winged Seraph. The righteous thief holding a cross enters into Heaven and meets Enoch and Elijah.

On the top center: The Ascension of Christ

On the top left: The Crucifixion of Christ; the entombment; the women bring balsem to the grave and find an angel sitting there; Peter examines the burial shroud and empty tomb.

On the bottom right: Forty days after the Resurrection, Christ appears to the Apostles who are fishing in Lake Tiberias.

The upper border displays an image of the New Testament Trinity.


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