Icon: Resurrection and 16 feasts

Number: 006 Period: 19th century
Name: Icon: Resurrection and 16 feasts Size: 40 x 34 cm
Origin: Russia Price:

In the center of the icon is the Resurrection of Christ. From left to right, the following feasts:

1.  Birth of the Mother of God

2.  Entry of the Mother of God into the temple

3.  Trinity

4.  Annunciation

5.  Nativity of Christ

6.  Presentation of Christ

7.  Baptism

8.  Entry into Jerusalem

9.  Transfiguration of Christ

10.Ascension of Christ

11.Dormition of the Mother of God


13.Charalambos and John the Warrior

14.Mother of God enthroned

15.Sergius and the grave of his parents

16.Elevation of the Cross

The borders are inscribed with the titles for each corresponding feast. The last row of feasts is an unusual selection, probably they were chosen by the family who commisioned this icon.


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