Icon: Pokrov of the Mother of God

Number: 025 Period: 18th century
Name: Icon: Pokrov of the Mother of God Size: 28,5 x 24 cm
Origin: Russia Price: sold

The Intercession of the Holy Virgin (Pokrov Bogomater)

The composition of the icon is inspired by the vision of St Andrew (X century) in the church of Blachernae (Constaninople). The Russian church established in the twelfth century a festival on October 1 in commemoration of the vision. Thus the composition of the icon, although depicting a Byzantine event, is a Russian creation.

The background of the composition is a Russian orthodox church with three domes. In the upper part the Mother of God is depicted standing on a cloud in the central apse, her hands raised in prayer. Above her Christ appears, making a sign of blessing. To the left, St John the Forerunner and four saints turn to the Virgin in prayer. The Holy Virgin streched her veil protectively over the nave.

Under the Mother of God in the lower registeris the celebration of the mass in the presence of the Patriarch and the byzantine emperor. In the center of the Church St Romanos Melodius (Sladkopevets), deacon of the St Sophia In Contantinople, stands on a ambo and sings one of his famous canticles. St Andrew Salos ‘the Holy Fool’points out to his pupil Epiphanios the miraculous appearance of the Virgin.


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