Icon: Nicholas, Sergius and Basil the Fool

Number: 162 Period: 17th century
Name: Icon: Nicholas, Sergius and Basil the Fool Size: 26,5 x 22 cm
Origin: Russia Price: sold

Orthodox believers have a strong bond with their saints. These saints are ever-present. They are normally  invisible, but the faithful can see them in their dreams and visions, and also on icons. The saints on the icons help believers to make contact with the invisible world. Icons of saints always contain some reference to Christ.

On the border of this icon, the reference is the image of Christ which was not made by human hand (Mandylion).

There are full length images of three saints: Nicholas, Sergius of Radonesh and Basil the Holy Fool of Christ. This seem to be a heterogeneous group and it is not known why they are together in this icon. Possibly, they are the patron or favorite saints of the commissioner. Each saint serves as an example and source of support for the faithful.

The textual basis for “Holy Fools” is I Corinthians 3:18: ‘Let no man deceive himself. If any among you seems to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise’.

It is this Basil for whom the widely recognised multi-colored swirled top Cathedral is named after.


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