Icon: Mother of God, soothe my sorrow

Number: 209 Period: 19th century
Name: Icon: Mother of God, soothe my sorrow Size: 22 x 19,5 cm
Origin: Russia Price: sold

This type of Mother of God icon is only found in Russia. The theme has been known since 1640 and is celebrated on January 25. According to legend, the icon was brought by Cossacks to the Nicholas Church in Moscow during the reign of Aleksey Mikhaylovich (d.1676).  Since the 18th century (especially during the plague of 1771), the wonder-making icon has been very popular and was found in churches all over Moscow.

The title of the icon refers to a liturgical text (inspired by Zechariah 7: 9-10):

Soothe the pains of my much-sighing soul, O thou who hast wiped away every tear from the face of the earth: For thou dost drive away the sickness of men, And quench the afflictions of sinners. We have obtained hope and support in thee, O most holy Virgin.

The Mother of God is depicted with a hand bending toward her head and with the Child holding a scroll in both hands directly sitting on her left hand. On the scroll are the words:

Judge righteously; each show mercy to one another; do not offend widows and orphans, and do not keep malice in your heart towards your brother.

The upper corners display the standard abbreviated Greek title MP OY (Meter Theou) for the Mother of God. She bears a star upon each shoulder and on her head, signifying her perpetual virginity before, during and after the birth of Christ.

The head of Christ with the distinctive cross-halo is inscribed with the Greek words: O ΩN (‘the Being’or ‘He who is’), based on ‘I am that I am’ from Exodus 3:13-14; Above the halo are the Greek letters : IC XC = Jesus Christ.

On the borders are the Hipatius and Paisius


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