Icon: Michael Voyevoda

Number: 079 Period: 18th century
Name: Icon: Michael Voyevoda Size: 33,5 x 28,5 cm
Origin: Russia Price: sold

Michael is called in Greek the arkhistrategos (αρχιστρατηγός) — the “chief commander” of the armies of heaven. The Slavic equivalent is Voevoda (Воевода), meaning “warlord.”

The Archangel Michael, red-faced, winged and crowned is riding across the skies on a winged red horse.

A rainbow is over his head. A trumpet extends from his mouth. In one hand he holds a lance with which he strikes at the Devil, who has fallen below into an abyss in which we see the towers of a city overwhelmed by a great flood. In the same hand is a a censer swinging on a chain. In his other hand he holds the Gospels.

At upper left, on clouds, is an altar table with Jesus as Emmanuel behind it. On the altar is a cross, the book of the Gospels, and a chalice.


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