Icon: Feodorofskaya Mother of God

Number: 046 Period: 1850
Name: Icon: Feodorofskaya Mother of God Size: 38,5 x 30,5 cm
Origin: Russia Price:

In the popular pose of the Feodorofskaya, the Child tenderly embracing his Mother. She turning her gaze away from the viewer. Four family saints on the border.

With a river-pearl cover, the silver cover decorated with hammered floral designs and engravings, the cut-out halo in gilded silver. Hallmarks: 84, 1850, Saratov, K.C (Cidorov Kapiton), BC (Vasiley Sobolev).

A silver cover is called Riza (robe) or Oklad. Such metal covers were generally added to show honor to an icon. But in the case of silver and even gold covers, they were also an advertisement of the wealth of a family. Many times such covers are artistic works in themselves.







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