icon: Evangelist Mark

Number: A019 Period: early 17th century
Name: icon: Evangelist Mark Size: 49 x 39 cm
Origin: Russia Price: sold

The Evangelist Mark is writing the first words of his Gospel. The table and chair on which he is sitting become part of the architectural background. This was explicitly part of the painter’s artistic language. He used this stylistic element to give visible form to an invisible reality. He reversed the perspective, whereby the vanishing point lies not in the icon, but with the viewer. The viewer becomes, as it were, drawn into the icon.

The symbol of Evangelist Mark appears in a cloud of flames. Sometimes the symbols for the evangelists in the Orthodox Church deviate from those in the West. Here the symbol is the eagle.

Painted in strong colors, the icon formed part of the Royal Doors of the iconostasis.


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