icon: Elijah and Blasius

Number: 105 Period: 16e eeuw
Name: icon: Elijah and Blasius Size: 49 x 31,8 cm
Origin: Rusland Price: verkocht

The prophet Elijah was very popular with farmers. He was seen by the people as the successor to the Old-Slavic-god of thunder, Perun. Farmers were very dependent on the weather, so it is understandable that the saint who was felt to control atmospheric forces was much loved.

Blasios was also a very popular saint who could be called upon to protect livestock. He was Bishop of Sebaste in Armenia at the time of Emperor Licinius (303-324). During the persecution of Christians, he withdrew into the hills, where he lived with the wild animals.

Icon is in a very good state of conservation. The two Saints are depicted in full length next to each other and looking with an intense expression to the beholder.

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