Icon: Crucifixion

Number: 157 Period: 1800
Name: Icon: Crucifixion Size: 35 x 28,5 cm
Origin: Russia Price: sold

In the center of the icon is the crucified Christ with the city walls of Jerusalem in the background. On either side of the Cross are two descending Angels of the Lord.

At the top, behind clusters of stylized clouds are God the Father, the sun and the moon. The sun (solntse), which has darkened, is in the left corner and in the right, the moon (luna), which has become blood, are an illusion to Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:2.

Flanking the Cross are two instruments of the Passion, a spear and a sponge on a reed. Below the Cross is a skull within a hole symbolizing the skull of Adam. Adam’s tomb is said to have been at Golgotha and his skull and bones were exposed by an earthquake during the crucifixion.

Standing on the ground at left side next to the Cross are the two Marys and at the right side the Apostle John and the Roman Centurion Longinus.

On the borders are the Guardian Angel, Apostle John, a monk, and Saint Daria. The latter three are probably the family saints of the commissioner.


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