Icon: Ascension of Elijah

Number: 121 Period: 19th century
Name: Icon: Ascension of Elijah Size: 26,5 x 22,5 cm
Origin: Russia Price: 4.000

The prophet Elijah was very popular with farmers. He was seen by the people as the successor to the Old-Slavic-god of thunder, Perun. Farmers were very dependent on the weather, so it is understandable that the saint who was felt to control atmospheric forces was much loved.

In this icon, the life of Elijah is depicted according to the text from the First Book of Kings. Around the central scene of¬† the prophet Elijah hiding in a cave where he is being fed by ravens are other events of his life. He is shown sleeping, being awaken by an angel, challenging¬† the priests of Baal, and riding a fiery chariot, while his disciple Elisha catches his master’s cloak and bends down to the Jordan River. Everything seems to happen at the same time. By ‘abolishing time’ in this manner, icons can incorporate a great deal of narrative within a single image, just as a poem or hymn might achieve.

This colorful icon is finely painted against a blue background. It was probably painted in Mstera.


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