In 1977 Zoetmulder’s daughter Ingrid started an icon gallery in Leiden, moving it shortly thereafter to  Delft, where she resided until 2010. Her gallery was moved from Amsterdam to Noordwijk in the summer of 2020 and has stopped commercial activities. Ingrid Zoetmulder remains a collector and advisor.

For over 40 years, Ingrid Zoetmulder  has worked with icons. She has handled thousands of icons, studying and cataloguing them, and is a certified icon appraiser. As the director of Zoetmulder Ikonen, she has organized many icon exhibitions and sold many beautiful icons to collectors and icon lovers.

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In 1936 Arnold Zoetmulder opened an antique shop in Schiedam. He became interested in Russian icons through a friend, Arthur Ivanov, a Russian immigrant, and bought his first icons on a trip to Finland.  Years later Zoetmulder moved his business to Rotterdam. Although he continued to deal in all antiques, he had a special love for icons. In the 1960s Western interest in icons grew, but most of the icons for sale were of Greek origin. Russian icons only started to come onto the market in the 1970s.

ingrid galery voorstraat
Gallery Delft  – Photo: 1982
ingrid voor gallery delft
Gallery op het Kampveld in Delft
Photo: 2000